It’s hard to say which quote is my favorite. I have so many that I enjoy.

Here is one quote that is certainly one of my favorites. It helps me to look at new possibilities and to practice tolerance for others’ beliefs.

Richard Brooke wrote:

“As humans, we are incredibly closed-minded and arrogant. We actually believe that what we think is the truth is TRUE, and that what someone else believes is just THEIR OPINION. This arrogance and foolishness sticks us with our beliefs, blinding us to any other possibilities – possibilities that may propel us toward success.”

When listening to someone’s strange viewpoints, I pause, think of this quote, and try to understand how this person came to create these strange viewpoints.

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but do check for Greek soldiers elsewhere in its anatomy.”

Yes, we should be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brain falls out. A little common sense goes a long way in our business.

There are two times when a prospect can be confused about an MLM opportunity.

1. Before the presentation, and

2. After the presentation.

Let’s consider making our presentations simpler.

* How do you feel about retiring after age 65?
* Would you like to do something different in life?
* Life’s not forever. What would you really like to do?
* How many more days can you put up with commuting?
* Would it be okay if you never had to go to work again?
* Do you get to choose the days you want to work?
* How does a five-day weekend sound to you?
* What will you do if you don’t join?
* What would you like to do next?

Many hospital patients have a “drip bag” that slowly puts painkillers or medication into their bloodstream.

Your prospects and distributors have a “negative drip bag” that slowly introduces negative thoughts and victim mentality into their minds.

Every day, television, radio, newspaper and friends consistently feed them negative news, negative thoughts, and disempowering programs. What an effective way to slowly crush and poison their brains. Most people have given up hope. They have forgotten their dreams and are just waiting to die. Sad.

And if the “negative drip feed” didn’t get every dream – the vampire dream-sucking employer destroyed the remnants.

You have to break that cycle or shock people into awareness that there is still life to live and dreams to fulfill.

So if you are giving great presentations to mentally dead people, it’s going to be ugly. Or if you notice that people are looking for reasons not to join, it’s time to throw away that business model.

Instead, operate on a new business model. Program your prospects for success. Build instant and immediate rapport so that your prospect accepts the good ideas you present. That’s the better business model.

Mark “GoogleSuperman” Davis from Australia sent me this tip.

While visiting Las Vegas, the casino would offer him a Margarita drink for only 99 cents.


Because it would take 45 minutes to drink the Margarita and that keeps people in the casino (where they naturally spend more money.)

I guess there is also a side benefit here for the casino as the Margaritas would enhance the customers’ gambling judgment.

So what could you do?

Supply cappuccinos and lattes at the beginning of your presentation. It keeps your prospects busy with something in their hands while you describe your products and business.

With interest rates around 2%, how much money do you have to have in a savings account to earn $1,000 a month in interest?

A. $100,000
B. $300,000
C. $600,000

What did you guess?

The correct answer is $600,000.

Just think how long you would have to work to earn and then save $600,000 after taxes. And then you could relax and collect that extra $1,000 a month.

Earning an extra $1,000 a month in network marketing sure sounds a lot better.

Let’s say that you have a recruiting contest for your ten distributors. Everyone who sponsors at least one person gets his name into the drawing for the prize.

Add this to the contest: If one person sponsors five new distributors, then everyone in the drawing automatically wins.

This will reduce jealousy and increase a spirit of cooperation. They will help each other in the hope that everyone wins.

And as a bonus, your distributors will plot on how to beat the system so that everyone will win. That means you win, too!