When someone is new, it is easy to get discouraged and quit. Once the warm market is finished, it gets hard to find new prospects.

But what if your distributor had a consistent source of new prospects every week? It is almost impossible to quit when you have lots of prospects coming to you, ready to buy and join.

This new book will show you how to invest a little bit of time with ordinary people, and then get a flow of pre-sold prospects … forever. Sound interesting? The system outlined in the book is perfect for expanding your business to other cities.

So if you are ready to help your team move forward quickly and consistently, have them read this book and start their own personal networking group.

Start SuperNetworking!

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Many prospects are afraid to try a new product or investigate an opportunity. They kindly tell us, “No. I’m busy. I’m not interested.”

You can use a simple guilt approach to motivate the prospect to at least look at what you have to offer. Here is an example.

A company sold water filters. Their distributors were trained to simply loan the water filter to a prospect for one week. At the end of the week the distributor would pick up the water filter or take an order for a new water filter.

Only one problem. Prospects wouldn’t let the distributors leave a trial water filter.

The company devised a simple guilt offer.

The distributor now said the following to the prospect:

“Just try this water filter for one week. This gives you a chance to win a free trip to Hawaii. Every week the company draws the name of a trial user and gives away a free Hawaii vacation. But not only does the trial user get a free vacation, but the distributor that loaned out the trial water filter wins one, too! So why not try this filter for one week? Do it for me. I’d like a chance to win that vacation and go with you to Hawaii.”

The prospect is motivated by the guilt of not letting the distributor have a chance at winning a free vacation.

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Start SuperNetworking! 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Personal Networking Group.

Start SuperNetworking!

Whether you are a small business, a network marketer, or a professional salesman, prospects that have been pre-sold by your personal networking group make your business easy and enjoyable. 

Forget cold leads, cold-calling, expensive advertising and lukewarm referrals. Leave the world of hard prospecting behind and start your own personal networking group. Have your fellow members bring new, pre-sold customer and prospects to you weekly.

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Your average prospect hates paying income taxes and secretly wishes that he could get those juicy tax breaks available to businesses. Sounds like a perfect benefit to sponsor new prospects, right?

Well, tax savings is a great benefit of owning your own business, but most networkers blow their opportunity to present this to prospects. Why?

Because they don’t create a big enough problem in the prospects’ minds. They weakly say things like:

“And our business gives you great tax deductions.”


Instead, help the prospect to stop, think, and ponder his situation of having no tax breaks. Try saying:

“Yes, tax time is coming again. The government has a sophisticated strategy to make you pay the maximum taxes allowed by law. They are going to collect as many tax dollars as they can from… you! So what is your counter-strategy?”

Then shut up. Wait. Listen.

Allow your prospect to sell himself.

From the vast source of trivia on the Internet:

10. “They told me at the blood bank this might happen.”

9. “This is just a 15-minute power nap like they raved about in that time management course you sent me to.

8. “Whew! Guess I left the top off the white-out. You probably got here just in time.”

7. “I wasn’t sleeping, I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new paradigm.”

6. “I was testing my keyboard for drool resistance.”

5. “I was doing a highly specific yoga exercise to relieve work-related stress. Do you discriminate against people who practice yoga?”

4. “Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem.”

3. “The coffee machine is broken.”

2. “Someone must have put decaf in the wrong pot.”

1. ” …in God’s name, Amen.”