Motivation. Action. Results. How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams

Learn all the great ways that network marketing leaders use to inspire their distributors into action. Tired of lethargic distributors? Want to get your group excited about duplicating? You will love this book.

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Motivation. Action, Results.

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Worthless Sponsor Jokes

Keith and I collected plenty of worthless sponsor jokes and put them into this book. Perfect for a few smiles when starting a training session, or just wherever you would need some network marketing humor.

Get ready to enjoy pages and pages of laughs.

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After gaining 11 pounds on a three-week Mexican food diet, I figured I should change a bit of my reading. Currently I am reading:
“Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Conversations With The Experts.”
Why Am I Not Losing Weight?
And I am also reading:
“How To Turn Your Mind Into A Fat-Burning Machine: 15 Easy Ways To Lose The Weight and Never Find It Again.”
How To Turn Your Mind Into A Fat-Burning Machine

Each year, for over 25 years, network marketers from around the world have taken the annual MLM Cruise. The best part of the cruise?

Great ideas.

Free workshops on days at sea. Leisurely dinners, sharing tips. Fun conversations while visiting the islands. And just one great idea can pay for our entire week’s holiday!

Some of the ideas I have taken back from the cruises?

* Social media allows us to talk to someone when it is too late in our time zone. Regular cruiser Shannon Denniston always shares his latest techniques for automating and attracting people on the different sites.

* Robert Butwin shares how almost every cruise employee would rather live at home with the family, instead of long months away at sea. His advice? Talk to them about how they can build now, while still working on the ship, so they can stay home permanently.

* Wes Linden teaches us how to put compassion and caring into building a group. His easy scripts help us to avoid rejection, and they also set up the prospect for our follow-up. Nice.

* Ken Seto shows us how he recruits overseas cold prospects, and how he locates them.

* Art Jonak will update us on the latest marketing techniques that are working this year in network marketing and direct sales.

There’s more, but actually experiencing the sharing of ideas and the new friendships is the best way to find out for yourself.

If you like to join us, or just get more information, simply go to:

Most prospects are afraid of actually starting. Starting means they have to go to work, maybe get some rejection, take things more seriously. And that is scary for them.

We can at least give them the option of starting their business so that they don’t age gracefully in information-collecting mode.

Option #2: You can try to move them forward and actually start a network marketing career instead of just talking about it.

If your prospect says:

“Oh, maybe I should start building something. The longer I delay, the longer before I start getting a check.”

Sounds like Option #2 will work with this prospect.

You talk, you mail samples, and you send these prospects to your web pages. Finally they have all the information about your opportunity and it is time for them to make a decision.

A decision to join? A decision to take action? A decision to go to work?

Panic time. So what does your “information collector” prospect do? He suddenly decides that he needs to investigate and research yet another opportunity.

And this is the life cycle of the “information collector” prospects. They spend their entire careers investigating, researching, and studying … to avoid actually doing something.

So what can you do about these time-consuming prospects?

Option #1: Leave them alone.

If your prospect says:

“Oh, I need to think a few weeks more about how much money I would make if I actually knew how to build a business.”

You can leave them alone and allow them to take up another person’s time.

Did you have a clear focus on exactly what you wanted to accomplish today? For example:

* Start a relationship with one good prospect before noon.
* Eat lunch with your best prospect.
* Pass out five samples to five quality prospects.
* Have two new guests at tonight’s opportunity meeting.

Or, did you avoid building your business and become a “manager?” For example:

* Checked your back office three times.
* Took pictures for a new brochure idea.
* Started yet another Facebook group for people to hide in, avoiding prospecting.
* Listened to an extra motivational CD.
* Checked your email inbox six times.
* Posted funny quotes at social networking sites.

Management mode is dangerous. Our building stops, our momentum stops, and our downline duplicates management mode.

They are more effective.

When distributors read or hear a good idea, they think, “That’s nice.” And then they move on to see what the next good idea is. They never internalize the information, never practice the information, and never use the information.

It is the same with conference calls and webinars. Again, they enjoy the information, but never practice it.

When I do “live” workshops, we actually test, practice and perfect each technique so that the distributors will be more comfortable using the technique in real life.

What good is it to learn something you can’t use?

So attend a “live” Big Al workshop. It will make a huge difference in your business.

You can always see my schedule at: