I just finished the draft and the book is in editing now. Many leaders asked, “So what is next? What lessons and activities do we implement now to create our leaders … faster?”

Well, these leaders are going to love Volume Two.

And the best part is, Volume Two starts off with a very aggressive plan to create leaders monthly. Very interesting reading for those who need to accelerate their businesses immediately.

Updates on the book’s progress coming soon.

Q. What do all of your presentations have in common?

A. They all offer time freedom and money freedom.

You will never have a prospect tell you:

“Oh, I don’t want to join because I don’t want any of that time freedom or money freedom. I think I’d like more debt, less money, and more time at work.”

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Well, if all of your prospects want time freedom and money freedom, and your presentation offers time freedom and money freedom, then why don’t all of your prospects join?

Because they don’t have the confidence that they can personally achieve time freedom and money freedom with your opportunity. Sure, you can do it, but they don’t think THEY can do it.

Now here is the key. When prospects don’t have the confidence that they have the skills necessary for our opportunity, here is what most people do:

They start introducing new benefits.

They tell the prospect about three-way calls, nice brochures, perfect videos, fancy meetings, car bonuses, and lots of other nice benefits. But they are missing the point.

The prospect doesn’t think he can do it, so it doesn’t matter how good the benefits are.

The solution?

Instead of talking about more benefits, concentrate on showing your prospect how SIMPLE it can be to do your business.

While traveling with Rasmus Skovmand in Denmark, we discussed the best way to get distributors off to a fast start.

Our conclusion?

To motivate your distributors, do this:

Take their television home with you. Let them know they can get their television back after they have sponsored their first four distributors, or after they have acquired their first four customers.

Every time your new distributors look at that empty space where their television used to be, they will think about promoting their business.

Tell your prospect how the cash flow from his networking business can help him retire.

For example, if your prospect is a real estate investor, say:

“What if your network marketing income was only $100 a month? You could use that $100 to eliminate the negative cash flow on one rent house. In 20 years, your rent house will be paid off. You’ll own a free and clear title to a $200,000 house.”

To a stock investor, say:

“What if you invested $100 a month in your favorite stock over the next 20 years? You would have quite a fortune to add to your normal retirement funds.”

For all the distributors representing nutritional products, here is an old Russian joke that will help you change your prospects’ attitudes towards medicine and health. It goes like this:

Two Russian doctors were discussing their patient. The first doctor says, “Should we treat him now?”

The second doctor answers, “No, he’s a good man. Let him live.”

A few years ago, I had breakfast with Kay, a networking leader in Brisbane, Australia. When I asked her why she became a leader, she said:

“I worked 70-hour weeks. My sponsor asked me when my husband and I finally planned to spend time together. That really hit me. There wasn’t going to be any time unless I changed my business.”

Think about it.

People get married to spend time together, but dual careers make it difficult. If a relationship is important to a couple, time together could be a powerful reason for them to become leaders in a network marketing business.

Leaders Volume One

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